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5 Decorating and Remodeling Tips from Our Top Interior Designers

Leila Zhilkibayeva · Jun 2020
Interior design in our holiday homes is the key that differentiates us from others. Here are some tips from our interior design team on how we make our spaces Comfy like a Hotel, Cozy like a Home.


Determine Your Style

It is important to understand how you want the space to feel. A helpful way to do it is to select the keywords to describe the mood and atmosphere you want to achieve. Classy, formal, elegant? Playful, cozy, welcoming? Minimalistic, neat, modern? All our spaces are decorated in the same style that makes them recognizable and creates the same atmosphere in each of the apartments.

60-30-10 Rule

It is a timeless decorating rule that can help you put a color scheme together easily. It states that 60% of the color palette in the property should be dominant. For example, it can be walls or large furniture pieces. It anchors the space and serves as a backdrop for what comes next.  30% - secondary color or texture that supports the main color palette, but different enough to give the room interest. It can be smaller furniture pieces, curtains, accent walls. 10% is the most fun part, as this is your accent colors. For instance, it can be your decorative pillows, artwork, and accessories. This proportion is meant to give balance to the colors used in any kind of space.

Space Planning

Another balance that you need to achieve is the visual weight and distribution throughout the area. Many people use furniture that is too big or too small, or the area looks crowded in one part and empty in another. To avoid that you need to build around the furniture that you really have space for. For bigger spaces, you can separate the area into zones. For example, in the living room, you can have a TV viewing zone, working area, sitting area around the fireplace, etc. It is very important to use the space effectively and use furniture units of the right scale.

Mix & Match

Do not be afraid to mix high and low price points. Natural materials like wood, marble, leather, and fabrics can be costly, but also long-lasting and may be worth investing. Whereas artwork, accessories, and pillows add a big percentage to the level of coziness and interest of the room and create that "Home" feeling, but it is okay to compromise on them in terms of value. Expensive does not necessarily mean better. The humblest things can be the most beautiful piece in the room, so consider buying "no-name" artwork and decoration units.

Light It Up

People underestimate the impact of lights on the atmosphere in the room. Even if space is nicely decorated, but has a cold or not enough light, space will not feel as welcoming and cozy as you want it to be. ⁠Whereas warm and bright space will positively impact our mood. Light is essential.


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