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Why You Should Spend Your Holiday in Dubai?

Khadija El Otmani · Jun 2020

Dubai is one out of 7 emirates in the UAE. Each emirate has its ruler and laws. Dubai is the most progressive and least conservative emirate. Here are some reasons why you should visit Dubai:

1. Luxury lifestyle.

Dubai can easily take an award in the "Best luxury holiday in the World" nomination. Luxurious sports cars, fine-dining restaurants, exclusive beaches, designer boutiques, and 5-star hotels. Dubai will definitely meet all the requirements as a luxurious escapade.

2. Trip into the future.

Dubai is home to the tallest, the largest, the most unique destinations in the world. Here you can see a lot of futuristic human-made projects that will blow your mind and which you will never see anywhere else.

3. Shoppers’ paradise

Shopping malls are the place to be in Dubai. The Dubai Mall alone is covering up to 12 million square feet area full of different kinds of stores and brands. Everything you can think of can be found here. People from all over the world come here to shop at designer boutiques, high-end brands outlet stores.

4. The best kids’ destination.

Dubai is a place that is full of entertainment for kids. A variety of waterparks, amusement parks, and zoos will let you and your children have fun and make memories that stay forever.

5. Great Nightlife

Even though Dubai is known for practicing the Sharia laws as most of the citizens are Muslims, they do have lots of interesting bars and clubs around in the city. For party lovers, there is a selection of famous clubs that host the best DJs and well-known performers every weekend. For example, White and Base night clubs, Soho Gardens, and many more. If you prefer a much quieter evening, then have a night out at the shisha lounges, like the locals always do at night. Nightlife in Dubai offers you various excitements and that is for sure!

6. Are you a Foodie?

If yes, this holiday destination is definitely for you. The city is well-known for its great food. You can satisfy any kind of craving here and experience exciting new flavors that come from different parts of the globe. The diversity of restaurants from casual to Michelin star levels will amuse even the most spoiled gourmet and foodie.

7. Romantic gateway

Are you planning a honeymoon? Want to celebrate an anniversary or simply looking to have a romantic gateway? Dubai is the place to be. Beaches, relaxed lifestyle, beautiful sunsets, and romantic restaurants will create a perfect atmosphere to cherish the company of your loved one even more. The city is perfect for a honeymoon escapade if you are looking for an ultimate paradise retreat to spend time with your sweetheart. It is a perfect mix of urban and beach destinations where you can create amazing memories with your significant one.


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